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    Java and Object Oriented Analysis and Design Questions

    All the answers of the following questions open in a new window.In order to come back to the list of questions,please close already opened answer window(s).

    What is an Object?

    What is a Class?

    What is OOAD?

    What is Data Abstraction ?

    What is Data Encapsulation?

    What is the difference between Data Abstraction and Information Hiding?

    What is Inheritance and what are different types of it?

    Why Java uses Singly rooted hierarchy?

    Why does Java not support Multiple Inheritance?

    Why is Java not 100% pure OOP language?

    What is Early Binding?

    What is Polymorphism/Late Binding?

    What is method overloading?

    What is method overriding?

    How is Java different from C++?

    What is UML and how is it useful in designing large systems?

    Is UML useful for procedural programming ?

    What are different notations used in UML ?

    What is a Use case and an Actor?

    How to identify an Actor?

    What is Generalization?

    What is Association and how it maps into a Java class?

    What is Aggregation and how it maps into a Java class?

    What is Composition and how it maps into a Java class?

    What is Dependency and how it maps into a Java class?

    What is the purpose of State machine diagrams?

    What are different kinds of Structure diagrams?

    What are different kinds of Interaction diagrams?

    What are different kinds of Behavior diagrams?


    1. Please try to give the answer on the same page as it is difficult to wait till the other answer page prompt on the screen

    2. Thanks for your inputs Siddhartha. Initially when I created this post I thought of providing answers by expanding a tree but in the Blogger we have limitation in post area. If I provide all answers at the same place then the size of the post would have been too huge. Let me figure it out how better I can present this answer with given constraints.


    3. tomorow i have interview! thank u!

    4. it will be helpful if u provide answers in the same page.
      poor UI to see answer of each question i have to click link :P


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