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    What is Data Abstraction?

    Data Abstraction is extraction of essential information for a particular purpose and ingnoring the remainder of the information,e.g. a car is consisted of an engine,air filters,a carburetor,a gear box,a steering,a fuel tank,tyres etc.A driver of a car need not to be bothered about several finer points of the car,he/she should know what it requires to drive a car.Take another user, a car mechanic, he will require different set of information in order to repair the car.


    1. Nishanth Thomas ,BangaloreJuly 4, 2010 at 10:55 AM

      Representing essential details and hiding background details

    2. Hiding of the irrelevent data is called data abstraction.It can be understood in accordance to the access specifiers, that helps in data security as well as ease to handle an apllication.

    3. Driving a car Without Knowing its Engine Stucture

    4. It is used to represent essential feature without including backfground details and feature.
      Using this concept users only be able to know what is working. They dont know how it is working.

    5. An object provides an interface of operation on it and hide implementation.data abstraction is the way of operation.

    6. we using login pages with out knowing back ground code


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