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    What is an Object?

    An object is an entity with certain attributes or qualities and behaviors, for a simple example, a 'Laptop' is an object which has certain attributes like weight,color,screen size,manufacturer etc.It has various behaviors or activities to do or act upon, as play games,browse Internet,write/check emails , watch movies ,listen music etc.


    1. Thanks,
      Please tell em where we use the objects in program?

    2. Rishi,
      In object oriented technology, a system is designed in terms of realizing in form of objects which map to different business entities and/or data entities and their interactions amongst themselves. Once you completed the design then you need an OOP language like C++,Java,.NET etc to implement such systems within scope of Object oriented paradigm.

    3. Good Explanation it will be good giving some simple examples..

      thanking you.

    4. Object is combination of two think
      Object is vital of the Software .
      State:state is represent his properties
      Behavior :Behavior is represent the operation which Object is perform

    5. Object is an instance of a class in a memory, and it will have all the attributes, characteristics as defined in its class. We can create any number of objects from a single class.

    6. like to see how it does

    7. suppose a class Hello is:
      class Hello{
      //your code here for variable and //method
      now to create an object or instance of class Heloo you use code as:

      Hello h=new Hello();
      this will create an instance of Hello class by name of h


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