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Showing posts with label EJB3. Show all posts

Friday, May 18, 2007

What are new features of EJB3?

EJB2.x used to be a too complex technology for developers so in EJB 3 a lot has been done to simplify things for end users of the technology and moreover give EJB a new lease of life.In latest edition of EJB the following features have been included:

-Support for Annotations.e.g. the EJB2 callbacks ( such as the ejbActivate() method) are now defined using annotation. For the ejbActivate() method, this is done with the help of @PostActivate annotation. This annotation is set on a method that will be called by the container.Or to define a stateless session bean, the @Stateless annotation is declared on the bean class.

-Introducing 'Business Interceptors' which allows a developer to intercept each business method of a bean.These interceptors are chained and values of parameters and return values can always be changed.

-Persistence in EJB3.0 is majorly simplified by using EntityManager persistence API.The Entity Beans are POJO objects and support inheritance too.It is very similar to Hibernate,JDO
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