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Launch of Java,Java EE and Open Source Technology Discussion Forum

A new forum has been created by me today where you all can give me a feedback on this blog and more.The name of this forum is "Java,Java EE and Open Source". Moreover once you all will register here, this will open a new vista to share our thoughts,knowledge and ideas on Java,Java EE and Open source technologies and frameworks. I have created few topics, to start with, e.g. Open Source Technologies and Frameworks,Java EE Topics,Java Programming . You may create a topic as per your choice where you want to create some buzz and interact with like minded.

Let us create an active community using this forum to discuss general topics related to the Java programming language.

Don't forget to provide me inputs where should I focus in order to improve my blog to serve better to my readers.

I invite you to register on this forum today.Please feel free to get in touch with me if in case you have any queries.
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