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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Java EE,Open Source,Advanced Technologies Interview Questions

In continuation of earlier post on Java Interview Questions this post is focussed on interview questions in several Java EE technologies(erstwhile J2EE).Apart from Java EE, interview questions on most widely used open source technologies like Struts,Hibernate,Spring and Velocity and more will also be covered.

On constant requests by readers to put something on personal interview questions, consequently, you may like to read post on personal interview questions , prior talking about Java Enterprise Edition.

Sun Microsystems introduced Java EE 5 specification under JSR 244 and the final release was made public on May ,2006.Java EE has become a cornerstone technology for enterprise level web based solution development.It has more than three million downloads and more than twenty six vendors' application servers support this specification.It is significant to go through an introduction of Java EE 5 before jumping to questions list straightaway.You can capture essence of Java EE 5 here in detail.

If you directly want to access Master List of Java EE Interview Questions then click here.

The list of questions on various topics covered under Java EE hood is as follows(on the basis of different technologies covered under Java EE umbrella) :

Java EE 5(Click To Access Questions' List)
Java Servlets
Java Server Pages and JSP Standard Tag Libraries
Enterprise Java Beans
Java Message Services
Java APIs for XML Parsing
Java Connector Architecture
Java Mail
Java Transaction APIs

Open Source Technologies/Emerging Frameworks:
Hibernate Framework
Spring Framework
Apache AXIS
Test Driven Development (TDD).

Service Oriented Architecture

Java Design Patterns

If anyone of you has come across a very unique experience in terms of technical and personal questions asked, feel free to share your experience.

Keep sharing your resources for ongoing learning...

Learn more about Java EE, here.
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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Master List Of Java EE,Open Source,Advanced Technologies Questions(Release I )


  1. What is a servlet? Explain its lifecycle.

  2. What is the difference between CGI and servlets?

  3. What is a middleware and what is the functionality of Webserver?

  4. Can there be more than one instance of a servlet at one time ?

  5. Why there are no constructors in servlets?

  6. What is a Servlet Context?

  7. What is meant by Session tell me something about HttpSession?

  8. What is the difference between GenericServlet and HTTPServlet?

  9. What is the difference between doGet and doPost methods of HttpServlet class?

  10. Why do GenericServlet and HttpServlet class implement Serializable interface?

  11. How will you pass values from HTML to the servlet?

  12. Can you use System.exit in your servlet end code?

  13. If my browser does not support Cookie and my server sends a Cookie instance what will happen?

  14. Can you use System.exit in your servlet end code?

  15. What is the difference in between encodeRedirectURL and encodeURL?

  16. How do you make servlet thread-safe?

  17. How do you communicate between applet and servlet?

  18. JSP

  19. What is the difference between Java Servlets and Java ServerPages (JSP)?

  20. What is the difference between page directive 'include' and 'jsp include' action command?

  21. What is the difference between 'jsp:forward' and HttpResponse.sendRedirect()?

  22. What is the difference between 'include file=".."' and 'jsp:include page = ... '?

  23. What are implicit objects in JSP?

  24. Explain the life-cycle methods of JSP

  25. Explain different constituents of JSP like comments,expressions,declarations,scriptlets.

  26. Does JSP support XML pages creation?

  27. How can I show various kind of documents to a web client from JSP's and/or servlets?

  28. How will you handle runtime exceptions in your JSPs?

  29. How can you prevent caching in JSP?

  30. EJB

  31. How EJB evolved over the years?

  32. What are Entity Bean and Session Bean?

  33. How is container managed entity bean created?

  34. What is the difference between Container managed persistent and Bean managed persistent

  35. What is the difference between ejbCreate() and ejbPostCreate() in EntityBean?

  36. What are the services provided by the EJB container ?

  37. What are new features of EJB3?

  38. What is Connection Pooling? Is it advantageous?

  39. What's difference between Servlet/JSP session and EJB session?

  40. How is JDO(Java Data Object) different from VO(Value Object) ?

  41. What is session facade?

  42. EJB Transactions

  43. What are Bean-Managed Transactions?

  44. What are some tips for using bean-managed transaction demarcation?

  45. What is JTS ?

  46. What are transaction properties?

  47. What are transaction attributes ? Which transaction attributes should I use in which situations?

  48. How can you handle transaction isolation?

  49. Struts Framework

  50. What is Struts and how it helps in web development?

  51. Explain Struts1.x in a nutshell?

  52. What are the methods in Action class?

  53. How you will handle errors and exceptions in Struts?

  54. How does Validator framework work in Struts?

  55. What is DispatchAction?

  56. How to handle duplicate submits in Struts?(new)

  57. Spring Framework

  58. What is Spring framework

  59. Why is Spring Framework needed anyway?

  60. What do you understand by Inversion of Control/Dependency Injection?

  61. What is BeanFactory?

  62. Explain ApplicationContext in Spring framework.

  63. What is Aspect Oriented Programming and how is it related with Spring?

  64. What are the problems you have with JDBC and how does Spring framework help to resolve them?

  65. Explain typical Bean life cycle in Spring Bean Factory Container

  66. What are ORMs supported by Spring and how it integrates with Hibernate?

  67. Java Message Service APIs

  68. What is messaging and how is it different from RMI?

  69. When is JMS needed?

  70. How Does the JMS API Work with the Java EE Platform?

  71. Explain JMS API Architecture.

  72. Explain Point-to-Point Messaging Domain.

  73. Explain Publish/Subscribe Messaging Domain.

  74. Java Design Patterns

  75. What are Design Patterns and why one needs them?

  76. What are different types of design patterns?

  77. What is Singleton Design Pattern?

  78. What is difference between Abstract Factory and Factory Method design patterns?

  79. Explain Adapter Design Pattern in Java

  80. Explain Decorator Design Pattern in Java

  81. Explain Facade Design Pattern in Java

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