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    Java Servlets and JSPs

    Here I go with the list of questions on Servlets and JSPs.All answers open in a new window, so in order to get back to the list of questions, you will have to close the window(s) with answers.

    Have a good time while going through the answers and if you have more questions/doubts/queries in your kitty/mind and want them here, please do not hesitate to write to me.I will try to answer those questions to the best of my knowledge and list them here.

    Check out e-books and other resources available on web, on Java Servlets and JSPs for detailed study.

    What is a servlet? Explain its lifecycle.

    What is the difference between CGI and servlets?

    What is a middleware and what is the functionality of Webserver?

    Can there be more than one instance of a servlet at one time ?

    Why there are no constructors in servlets?

    What is a Servlet Context?

    What is meant by Session tell me something about HttpSession?

    What is the difference between GenericServlet and HTTPServlet?

    What is the difference between doGet and doPost methods of HttpServlet class?

    Why do GenericServlet and HttpServlet class implement Serializable interface?

    More Question on Java Servlets

    Questions on JSP

    Free Ebooks on Servlets and JSPs

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