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    Inside Java Virtual Machine

    Some books give immense pleasure to read and you would like to read them again and again, one such book which I higly recommend is Inside Java 2 Virtual Machine.It is a beautiful book which is of great help for the advanced Java developer, offering a detailed guide to the inner workings of today's Java Virtual Machines (JVMs), plus a complete reference to all bytecodes (the "machine code" for the language). It comes with excellent technical detail and demos of JVMs in action on the companion CD-ROM.
    Here is a list of questions on JVM:

    What is a Java Virtual Machine (JVM)?

    What is a JVM consisted of?

    What is a class loader and what is its responsibilities?

    What is heap and stack?

    How is your Java program executed inside JVM?

    What is Java class file's magic number?

    How JVM performs Thread Synchronization?

    How JVM performs Garbage Collection?

    How to profile heap usage?

    What will you do if VM exits while printing "OutOfMemoryError" and increasing max heap size doesn't help?

    Should one pool objects to help Garbage Collector?Should one call System.gc() periodically?

    An application has a lot of threads and is running out of memory, why?

    If your program is I/O bound or running in native methods, do these activities engage JVM?

    What is the difference between interpreted code and compiled code?

    Why Java based GUI intensive program has performance issues?

    What is 64 bit Java ?

    What is the difference between JVM and JRE?


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