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    Java Fundamentals(Datatypes,Keywords,Operators and Assignments,Identifies etc.)

    All the answers of the following questions open in a new window.In order to come back to the list of questions,please close already opened answer window(s).

    What are different primitive datatypes in Java?

    What are expressions,statements and blocks in Java?

    What is a transient variable?

    What is the difference between the '&' operator and the '&&' operator?

    Why main method of Java has public static void?

    If you have static block, constructor and main method in Java file then what will be the sequence of method calls?

    What are the command line arguments?

    Does Java support multi dimensional arrays?

    What are the restrictions for static method?

    Why a abstract method cannot be static?

    Is 'sizeof' a keyword?

    What is the precedence of operators in Java?


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