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    Core Java Interview Questions

    Every year many thousand technocrats choose Java careers across the globe,after formally taking Java training classes,courses and/or Java certifications like OCJP etc.While appearing for technical interviews,these budding Java programmers face variety of technical questions, are asked to write code snippets to prove their mettle in relevant topics of Java.They are not only assessed on language basics but also on their familiarity with Java development tools, coding standards and guidelines,optimization of Java code,load tests,securing code through Java obfuscation and many more. It is their performance in these interviews which decides their career fate and is highly dependent on to-the-point and not too verbose answers.

    Apart from technical questions, an interviewee faces a spate of personal questions as well.In post, Personal Interview Questions you will find variety of questions asked on personal front.In wired world, it is very important to know where your resources are lying and how credible are they.

    This blog intends to provide a consolidated knowledge base for all netizens,budding Java Engineers or experienced ones, interested in Java technology.This blog will primarily focus on 'Core Java' related questions and later on advanced topics in Java EE space,Open source technologies and frameworks and more.At this point this is a nice idea to put a roadmap right away to put all these questions in an organized fashion. In order to access questions list on a particular topic,please click the links associated with it.It will open the questions list in the same browser window and in order to comeback to this page, while going through various posts, you have to click back button in your bowser window.Each answer for a question on various topics will open in a fresh window,while you are through with reading an answer,close the open window in order to comeback to the questions list.If you want to access Master List of Core Java Interview Questions then click here.

    Java Language Fundamentals (Click Link To Access Questions' List)
    1. Object Oriented Analysis and Design Basics, UML And Java
    2. Inside JVM
    3. Datatypes,Keywords,Operators and Assignments,Identifies etc.
    4. Declarations and Modifiers,Conversion,Casting and Promotion
    5. Flow control
    6. Assertions
    7. Exception Handling and Garbage Collection
    8. Objects and Classes
    Packages and their classes (Click Link To Access Questions' List)
    1. java.lang.*
    2. java.util.*
    3. java.io.*
    4. java.awt.*
    5. java.net.*
    Java and Database Access
    JFC Swing
    Collection APIs

    Check more miscellaneous short questions on Core Java with short answers,here.

    If you starve for more knowledge on Core Java,you may like to check out online e-books and other resources on Core Java or access all Online Java and Java EE resources. All suggestions,comments are welcome in order to make this space more productive and useful for all its audiences.

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