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    What are different notations used in UML ?

    UML predominantly includes static and dynamic model diagrams and each diagram has their own set of notations.
    In brief, the classification of these diagrams is given as below: #

    Structure Diagrams include the Class Diagram, Object Diagram, Component Diagram, Composite Structure Diagram, Package Diagram, and Deployment Diagram.

    Behavior Diagrams include the Use Case Diagram (used by some methodologies during requirements gathering); Activity Diagram, and State Machine Diagram.

    Interaction Diagrams, all derived from the more general Behavior Diagram, include the Sequence Diagram, Communication Diagram, Timing Diagram, and Interaction Overview Diagram.

    Most frequently used diagrams for step by step analysis and design are: Use case,Activity,Sequence,Class
    To know how do they look like,their constituents and how are they used while designing systems,please check following links:

    UML Notation
    UML Reference Card

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