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    What are two types of multitasking?

    In case of co-operative multitasking applications consume resources i.e. memory and CPU cycle and once it is completed with its execution of set of instructions, it returns control back to the OS. The scheme depends on the application co-operating and so is known as co-operative multitasking. In cases where the application entered an endless loop and never reached the code which handed control back to the operating system, the whole machine became locked up. An example is Windows 3.1

    Pre -emptive
    In this technique the operating system allocates resources to an application. This will enable it to execute. Rather than wait for the application to give the resources up, the operating system is
    activated at certain time intervals and may take the resources back from the executing application and allocate them to another application that is waiting.Example: Unix, Windows NT, and 32 bit programs running under Windows '95

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