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    What is UML and how is it useful in designing large systems?

    Unified Modelling Language(UML) is a notational language which comprises of several tools and techniques to support object oriented development.UML captures scenarios(use case diagram),object interactions(sequence diagram),class interactions(class diagrams) and object states(state diagrams).

    UML helps in designing large and complex systems.It starts with analysis of business requirement and coming up with basic business flow chart and static diagrams i.e. use case diagrams which gives pictorial view of business requirements and captures scenarios. The next step is Interaction diagrams,which mainly consists of Sequence diagrams.A Sequence diagram tells how objects interact with each other through message passing in most importantly in what sequence.Then classes are identified of the system with various class identification approaches like 'Noun Phrase Approach','CRC Approach',this exercise results in UML class diagrams.

    A modular approach helps in breaking down the complex system where each module can further be divided into components like classes and objects.Once the whole system is refined in terms of reusability of objects,omitting unnecessary objects and classes.The building of skeleton code on best practices of coding, like pattern based approach, helps in foundation of efficient code.

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