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    Questions on AWT and JFC Swing

    What is JFC?

    What is the difference between JFC Swing and AWT?

    What is the base class for all swing components?

    What are lightweight and heavyweight components ?

    How can a GUI component handle its own events?

    What is a Layout Manager and what are its different types and their advantages?

    How are the elements of a GridBagLayout organized?

    What are the problems faced by Java programmers in absence of layout managers?

    Where the CardLayout is used?

    What is the difference between GridLayout and GridBagLayout?

    How will you add a panel to a frame?

    What is the difference between Application and Applet?

    Explain Lifecycle of the Applet and what is the order of method invocation in an applet?

    What is the difference between Java class and bean?

    What is difference between trusted and untrusted applet?


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