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    What are four drivers available in JDBC?

    Type 1: JDBC-ODBC bridge.It is for databases that support ODBC.It Uses a bridging technology to access the database (e.g., Sun's JDBC-ODBC Bridge driver)

    Type 2: JDBC to a database vendor DLL.It uses native API drivers.It requires software on the client machine. Uses native API drivers; requires software on the client machine Supplied by the vendor or by third parties.

    Type 3: JDBC to middleware software to the database.It translates JDBC calls into a database-independent network protocol, which a server then translates into a database protocol

    Type 4: Pure Java to a network protocol.It uses the network protocols built into the database engine

    Type1 and Type2 database drivers are not suitable for Internet based connection to the databases as these types of database drivers are to be installed on client machine.

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