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    How do you know who is accessing your server?

    In case of TCP protocol i.e. ServerSocket:

    Each Socket connection accepted corresponds to who is connecting to your server, that means relevant method calls on ServerSocket will fetch IP address and port of the same.

    Socket socket = serverSocket.accept();

    // Print IP address and port
    System.out.println ("Connecting from : " +
    socket.getInetAddress().getHostAddress() + ':' + socket.getPort());

    In case of UDP i.e. DatagramSocket

    The DatagramPacket received contains all the necessary information:

    DatagramPacket datagramPacket = null;

    // Receive next packet
    datagramSocket.receive ( datagramPacket );

    // Print address + port
    System.out.println ("Packet received from : " +
    datagramPacket.getAddress().getHostAddress() + ':' + datagramPacket.getPort());

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