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    Why is Spring Framework needed anyway?

    The main aim of Spring is to make J2EE easier to use and promote good programming practice.It does not reinvent the wheel but makes existing technologies easier to use. The main advantages of Spring framework are enumerated as given below:-

    -No matter whether you use EJBs or Struts Framework or any other framework for writing business objects, Spring organizes your business objects in an effective manner with configuration management services on any runtime environment.You can keep one calling mechanism for your business objects while changing the implementation technology of them altogether.
    -Spring allows you to get rid of EJBs,if one wants to,no more compulsory to have,with alternative technologies like POJOs for building business objects and AOP provides a way to handle declarative transaction management, making EJB container absolutely not required.
    -Increased development productivity
    -Increased runtime performance
    -Improving test coverage as unit testing of code can easily be done.
    -Improving application quality
    -Easier manageability of code in Integration technology.
    -A consistent data access mechanism either using JDBC or O/R mapping techniques.
    -Spring is portable between application servers which avoids anything platform-specific or non-standard in the developer's view, and most of the application servers.

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