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    What are the problems you have with JDBC and how does Spring framework help to resolve them?

    JDBC helps in accessing underlying RDBMS but it sometimes be quite cumbersome to use them and in following situations it become problematic:
    -You have to ensure that ResultSets, Statements and (most importantly) Connections are closed after use. Hence correct use of JDBC results in a lot of code which is a common source of errors. Connection leaks can quickly bring applications down under load.
    -The SQLException does not provide much information about what actually the probelm is as JDBC does not offer an exception hierarchy, but throws SQLException in response to all errors.The meaning of these values varies among databases.

    Spring addresses these problems in two ways:

    -By providing APIs that move tedious and error-prone exception handling out of application code into the framework. The framework takes care of all exception handling; application code can concentrate on issuing the appropriate SQL and extracting results.

    -By providing a meaningful exception hierarchy for your application code to work with in place of SQLException. When Spring first obtains a connection from a DataSource it examines the metadata to determine the database product. It uses this knowledge to map SQLExceptions to the correct exception in its own hierarchy descended from org.springframework.dao.DataAccessException. Thus your code can work with meaningful exceptions, and need not worry about proprietary SQLState or error codes. Spring's data access exceptions are not JDBC-specific, so your DAOs are not necessarily tied to JDBC because of the exceptions they may throw.

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