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    Who suits best for SOA?

    The IT infrastructure which includes various business critical systems of an enterprise are built over a long period of time.They cannot always be made with latest technologies as their is already investment being made in earlier systems.The organizations which breathe change like oxygen have to think new ways in order to integrate all its existing systems,new or legacy, in order to orchestrate its business process with its partners,suppliers and customers.The IT strategies of organizations change with mergers and acquisitions and leads to more vendor or application specific systems, sometimes repeat of an application by different vendor, in such a scenario whole IT landscape of an organization becomes quite complex.

    SOA has opened new vistas to re-orient business on disintegrating business processes into services based over business components in such a way that existing business solutions and previously non communicating systems can also fit into the big picture.In a way it has given organizations a leverage to build new possibilities in a cost effective manner.The cost is a major driving factor upon which enterprises are banking their hopes on SOA.

    The business houses want agile systems but without paying more to IT organizations and this has led IT organization has challenge to provide cost effective solutions through integrating legacy systems with new agile systems having new business capabilities.The only way this can be achieved through transformations in approaches for business and IT organizations together.

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