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    Why SOA?

    With advent of IT revolution, it is information that people want and technology is a mean to supply it and with time it is provided at lower costs.So keeping the costs continuously low is a challenge.These days business houses have huge dependency on IT and it cannot be wiped out completely.It makes great business sense to save costs that incur on big investments that these organizations do on IT infrastructure for running their complex business processes.

    The existing systems in an organization are rarely thrown away and they are valuable asset for enterprise from business point of view.SOA leverages the benefits of integrating new systems with old legacy ones.It is instrumental in linking IT resources and put them to reuse.The cost effectiveness of this style of architecture focuses on services rather on objects.The similar concepts have always been around like Java Connector Architecture propounds the same concepts so SOA is a kind of evolution of existing set of knowledge mainly driven by organizational needs.

    The integration of various systems through SOA includes a rich end user experience, application connectivity, all building components forming various business processes work in tandem or a fancy term for that 'orchestration or harmonizing of processes' and one stop shop for all information.This enhances an incremental development and integration approach even existing systems can be split into components with time giving more flexibility for futuristic business requirements.

    There is a very common notion of associating SOA with web services but it is beyond that.Web services are a collection of technologies, including XML, SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI, which provide programming solutions for specific messaging and application integration problems. While SOA is an architecture and I think I have written it how it can be exploited by other technologies like CORBA,DCOM,JINI etc.

    In telecom systems, for example, there are standalone systems,monolithic in nature which ideally do not collaborate with other systems specially which are network related as network management system is.SOA suits a great deal to such situations where interoperability opens new vistas.

    While designing developing and implementing those services a user needs not be worried about its details and therefore they can run on distributed environments across networks.This also maximizes their reuse.

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