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    What are various myths surrounding Services Oriented Architecture?

    Some myths that are surrounding Services Oriented Architecture are:

    - Any software system which is using webservices is aligned to SOA.
    - SOA is a downloadable software to solve any complex business problem.
    - SOA is easy to implement.
    - SOA will solve all your complex business problems forever and can be
    seen as a panacea.
    - SOA is nothing but integrating existing enterprise level
    applications to paint a big business picture.
    - SOA is expensive and time consuming.
    - All constituent components of SOA are reusable.
    - SOA is Enterprise Application Integration(EAI).
    - SOA is not aligned to any standards.
    - SOA roll out cannot happen without new infrastructure support.
    - SOA based solution is not performance conscious.

    In next few posts I will try to dig each of the above listed myths
    centering SOA in detail.

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