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    Various Popular Configuration Management Tools Used In Enterprise Level IT projects.

    Subversion is a stable,open source, free to use and extensible version control system.Subversion was originally designed to be a better CVS, so it has most of CVS's features.SVN project was initiated by CollabNet in the year 2000.SVN is easily integrated with existing IDEs like Eclipse,JDeveloper,NetBeans,Visual Studio.SVN more details can be captured on their official website, check this out here.

    IBM Rational Synergy
    As IBM has taken over Telelogic and erstwhile CM Synergy is now IBM Synergy.The IBM® Rational® Synergy environment is a task-based software development and delivery solution that brings together global, distributed development teams on a unified change, configuration and release management platform.

    Visual Source Safe is source control software from Microsoft.It was initially developed by a company called One Tree Software. During that time MS had relatively unstable Source code version tool named Delta and they eventually acquired One Tree Software and went on to modify the 16-bit version of SourceSafe 3.1.The result was version 4.0 of
    Visual SourceSafe (VSS), which was a 32-bit edition of the product and was released sometime around 1995.

    IBM Rational Clearcase
    An SCM tool which helps in controlling and tracking source code changes. Clearcase can support big projects configuration needs where team size can go upto thousands of developers.It comes in two flavors: UCM and base Clearcase. UCM is an out of box configuration management solution while base Clearcase provides a basic infrastructure upon which UCM is built. It can run over various platforms like Windows, AIX, zOS, Solaris etc.

    There are more versioning tools available which are open source like Aegis,ArX,Bazaar etc.

    I have listed most of the confoguration management tools that I actively used in this post, which you may like to explore.

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