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    What is DevOps?

    DevOps is a software development philosophy or a paradigm shift where development team and operation team break silos, collaborate better in order to ship a product or service to market in a very quick time. The main objective of DevOps is to shorten the lifecycle of development. As the name itself suggests it is a compound word coined by joining two words development and operation together.

    Now question arises why DevOps? Weren't things functioning good enough before? The actual struggle arises when operation team, which is primarily responsible for a very high uptime of production environment, face sscaling of production environment. It brings challenges to operation guy with limitations of available tools efficiency to manage production environment better. They usually resist frequent changes to production to upkeep a stable environment for end customers and expect a development schedule in advance from development team so that they can manage changes better. If development team and operation team don't work in cohesion then it affects overall system effectiveness, efficiency and time to market of product/service.

    DevOps propounds a change in mindset with new set of tools and skills. Both entities(Dev and Ops teams) must work together to obtain common goal - customer delight by breaking silos, thinking alike, proactive executions of duties and shared responsibilities to reach enhanced productivity.

    DevOps promotes culture of automation in infrastructure, code, testing, workflows for continuous improvement in entire delivery lifecycle. The monitoring and measuring of system performance is also automated. The development of new features happen in chunks. It may span mostly once in 3 weeks or 4 weeks or may be days and hours based upon how much matured/robust overall ecosystem is for code deployments in production.

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