Thursday, April 19, 2007

Interview Questions on JSP

Hers is a list of questions on JSP(All answers open in new tab/window) :

What is the difference between Java Servlets and Java ServerPages (JSP)?

What is the difference between page directive 'include' and 'jsp include' action command?

What is the difference between 'jsp:forward' and HttpResponse.sendRedirect()?

What is the difference between 'include file=".."' and 'jsp:include page = ... '?

What are implicit objects in JSP?

Explain the life-cycle methods of JSP

Explain different constituents of JSP like comments,expressions,declarations,scriptlets.

Does JSP support XML pages creation?

How can I show various kind of documents to a web client from JSP's and/or servlets?

How will you handle runtime exceptions in your JSPs?

How can you prevent caching in JSP?



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