Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Java Tools

To increase the efficiency and productivity of Java Developers,they all need a set of tools which equip them to design,code and test their work in consolidated ways.Here I tried to summarize various essentials or must have Java tools for all those who are fascinated with this language. - It is an open source development platform for Java based applications, as well as other languages. - An open source persistent classes development tool; due to licensing, it can be included in to other open source projects. - An open source testing platform for Java that works towards understanding your intentions.

PMD - A Sourceforge project that scans Java apps and looks for bad code. - A Java/JEE application framework with a large support system and training sessions all over the world.

Idevelopment Java Examples - A large collection of examples of Java programming along with documentation.

JAD - A non-commercial use Java decompiler. - A site for Java programmers and enthusiasts to gather, chat, and collaborate on projects together.

Java PathFinder - A verifier for executable Java bytecode hosted by Sourceforge. - A directory to just about every open source Java project you could dream of. - A huge collection of hundreds of tips related to Java programming. - Tons of examples of Java code. - Take online courses, followed up by tests that let you climb the colored belt tree (like you do in martial arts) until you become a Java Master. - Articles, forums, and more to learn all sorts of tricks for working with Java. - Tons of examples of different functions with snippets of source code provided.
- A user community for Java programmers with a ranch-flavor. Forums, tools, code snippets and more. - A huge resource of libraries, packages, and classes. - A large collection of examples of Java from various open source projects that you can study. - Tools focusing on the look of Java in an attempt to make it look more elegant.

JODE - Free Sourceforge project that contains a decompiler and optimizer for Java code.

PHP/Java Bridge - A Sourceforge project that aids in bridging the gap between PHP and Java to make them work together.

The Grinder - Another Sourceforge project that is a Java load testing framework. - A Java developer community with a focus on enterprise-class projects.

Emma - A Sourceforge project that provides you with a free code coverage tool.

Groovy - Created to run on the Java Virtual Machine but adds in features inspired by Python, Ruby on Rails and Smalltalk.



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